David Copperfield: Chapter 27 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 27: Tommy Traddles

      One day David visited his old friend Traddles. He lived in Camden Town in London which was a dirty street with houses built in a monotonous pattern. The general atmosphere of the house in which Traddles lived reminded David of the days when he used to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Micawber. Later on, he came to know that Traddles was actually a tenant of the Micawbers in that very house.

      Traddles narrated his past history to David. He had been brought up by his uncle. After the death of his uncle, he had been turned out by his aunt, with a mere fifty pounds to himself. However, he somehow managed to collect a hundred pounds and got himself articled for law. Right now he was engaged to Sophy, a curate's daughter. To him, she was 'the dearest girl'. She was aware of his financial difficulties but was ready to wait.

      While the two friends were busy talking, Mr. Micawber turned up and was surprised to see David there. He called in Mrs. Micawber and this time they discussed his financial difficulties. Mr. Micawber was presently engaged in selling com on commission but he did not make much money in this either. Before his departure, David invited all of them to dine with him.

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