David Copperfield: Chapter 20 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 20: Steerforth's Home

      At breakfast Steerforth invited David to accompany him to his home at Highgate for a day or two. So David wrote to his aunt informing her of the change in his program.

      At Steerforth's home, David met his mother and Miss Rosa Dartle. Rosa Dartle had a big scar on her face which had been caused by Steerforth, when a young boy, he had thrown a hammer at her.

      During dinner, David informed Mrs. Steerforth, his friend's mother, that he was going to Yarmouth to visit his nurse Peggotty and her family. He invited Steerforth to accompany him. Steerforth hoped he would enjoy such a visit. He, however, did not think very highly of such people who were poor.

      Mrs. Steerforth thought much of her son and was very devoted to him. Steerforth's bedroom was a picture of comfort. A bright fire was burning in the room but its atmosphere was spoiled by the ugly picture of Miss Rosa Dartle.

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