David Copperfield: Chapter 19 - Critical Summary

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Chapter: 19: I Look About Me and Make a Discovery

      After leaving school, David’s aunt suggested that he should take holiday and visit his nurse Peggotty. They had not yet come to a decision regarding the profession he should take up. So David took the holiday.

      David went to meet Mr. Wickfield and Agnes before leaving. Agnes asked him if he had noticed any change in her father. David hesitantly admitted that her father's habit of drinking had increased and thus had made him unfit for business at times. Uriah Heep was obviously taking advantage of Mr. Wickfield's weakness.

      Mr. Wickfield, Agnes and David had tea with Doctor Strong, his wife and Mrs. Markleham. Jack Maldon had written a letter from India about his bad health and wished to come back. Mr. Wickfield did not like the intimate friendship between Mrs. Strong and Maldon as David observed.

      Dr. Strong was planning to go into retirement in about six months. He wanted to devote himself more to the Dictionary.

      In the course of the journey, David came across many of the old familiar places. He broke his journey at the Golden cross in London and went to see a play at the Covent Garden Theatre. When he went back to his hotel after the play, he met Steerforth, who was also put up at the same hotel. David was very pleased to meet him.

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