David Copperfield: Chapter 18 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 18: A Retrospect

      Looking back at his school days, certain episodes stood out in David's mind. There was Adams, the head boy for whom he had great respect. At the Cathedral, he could not concentrate on his book, as he could not help looking at Miss Shephard, whom he adored. They had met at a dancing, school and David had given her odd presents and a kiss. But his love for her cooled down when she gave her preference to Master Jones and made a face at David.

      There was a butcher who was the terror of the youth of Canterbury. One summer evening David fought with him and got a good thrashing. He was taken home in a bad condition.

      When Adams left the school David became the head boy. At home, Agnes was his chief counselor and friend. She had grown up to be quite a woman. She was his better angel and the sweet sister in his thoughts.

      At the age of seventeen, David fell in love with Miss Larkins who was thirty years of age. He danced with her at a ball at the Larkin's house and offered her the flower from his buttonhole. In return, he begged for a flower of hers and kissed it when she offered him one.

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