David Copperfield: Chapter 21 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 21: Little Emily

      Lattimer was Steerforth's servant who used to attend David every morning. After staying for a week at Steerforth's house David went to the countryside accompanied by Steerforth. On reaching Yarmouth, Steerforth made arrangements to meet David after a couple of hours at Barkis's house. He then left David and went to Mr. Omer's shop which was now known as Omer and Joram's, since Minnie had been married to Joram. From them, Steerforth came to know that Emily was learning dress-making, as she wished to be a lady.

      From there he went to Peggotty's house. He was informed that Barkis had been bedridden for sometime with rheumatism. So he went upstairs to see him. Barkis had a box under his bed in which he said that was full of his old clothes. But he never opened it in front of anyone and people suspected he had all his savings inside that box. In fact, he was a very miserly man.

      At the appointed time Steerforth arrived. He impressed Peggotty with his pleasant manners and handsome looks.

      In the evening Steerforth and David went to see Mr. Peggotty in the boat house. Steerforth was introduced to Emily and the other members of the house. Ham and Emily; they were informed, were going to be married very soon. Around midnight the two of them took their leave.

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