Lord Jim: Chapter 44 - Summary & Analysis

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Death of Dain Waris and Cornelius


      Tamb Itam reached Dain Waris and delivered the directive that they were forbidden to attack Brown and his men. Dain Waris was complacent because he did not expect any foreigner to know about the narrow channel at the back of the island and, by that time, Brown had placed themselves there (a narrow by channel). They made a sudden attack on Dain Waris and his men.

      Everybody screamed in horror, few jumped into the river and scattered here and there. Iamb Itam fell down as if dead but kept his eyes open. Dain Waris was shot dead when he was running towards the river. Nobody, till that time, knew that Cornelius had played the role of a traitor,

      Afterward, Brown and his men disappeared from there. It was reported, later on, that their ship had sunk due to a leakage. Brown and six men were successful in surviving and Brown went to Bangkok where Marlow met him.

      At that time, when Brown and his men altogether vanished, Cornelius was seen by Iamb Itam, running in great agitation. He understood the situation and stabbed him with his knife. Cornelius fell down dead. After that, Tamb Itam rushed to Jim to explain everything that had happened there. The saved men of Dain Waris, had already gone to Doramin with the news. They felt themselves a victim of a great treachery.

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