Lord Jim: Chapter 45 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Heroic Death


      Tamb Itam first met Jewel. He told her that Dain Waris and others were killed by Brown. He woke up Jim from his sleep and told him everything. Jim ordered his men to assemble boats so that they could chase Brown and his men but Tamb Itam told him that it was not safe for them to get out because the people of Patusan were considering him solely responsible for this violence and the murder of Dain Waris.

      Now Jim realized the situation. He thought that he renounced one world just on account of an impulsive act of jumping and now this world, which he had built up with his hands, seemed to crumble down. Jewel wanted to speak but he gestured her to shut. He was pondering over everything,

      In the evening, Tamb Itam reported to Jim the agitation and anger of the local men and advised him to escape from there. Jewel urged Jim to fight; but Jim told there was nothing to fight for. Jewel could not understand it, Only Jim knew what he had decided to do; he wanted to prove his power and authority in a different way.

      Women were crying over the dead body of Dain Waris and reading of Koran was resounding the air. People were assuming that robbers would come back in large numbers and slaughter them.

      When Jewel found herself a failure in persuading Jim to fight against Patusanians, she began to weep over his shoulder; she could not understand Jim's motive. She said that he belonged to her so she would possess him. But all was in vain.

      Jim went to Doramin with his resolution. He surrendered himself in front to Doramin and confessed his responsibility that brought death to Dain Waris. He did it daringly. Doramin raised his hand, fired at him and immediately Jim was lying there dead.


      Jim's death should not be regarded as an act of cowardice. It was a heroic death. He embraced death to enliven his idea of fidelity.

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