Lord Jim: Chapter 43 - Summary & Analysis

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      In the meeting, finally everybody agreed to Jim's proposal and most of them said that they had a firm belief in Jim's word. Tamb Itam was by the side of his master though in an unobtrusive manner and remained unnoticed by others. Now Jim went to inform Brown about the decision.

      Jim was exulted and began to consider himself equal to great heroes who never forsook a noble cause. He seemed to get victory over the ignorance, fear and anger of the men of Patusan, on account of his virtue and sheer faithfulness. To Marlow, Jim seemed, this time, a great man but also a pathetic figure because Jim was lonely deep down in his soul. He was a mystery for the Patusan people and Jewel. Rajah Allang and his woman had escaped into a jungle and left the stockade, due to any possible attack there. Jim sent a note to inform Brown about his decision that they could retreat and not enrage the men of Patusan who were laced with arms to deal with him. He sent this note through Cornelius because he could speak English very well, so that he was able to explain the situation. Meanwhile, he sent Iamb Itam to Dain Waris in order to forbid him to attack the foreigners who were about to sail back. He gave him (Iamb Itam) his ring to that he could meet Dain Waris immediately without any restraint (This was the same ring given by Stein to Jim as a kind of introduction to Doramin).

      Now Cornelius got the opportunity to implement his plot and ruin Jim. He said to Brown that Jim had been a bane to him in many ways and because Jim was quite gullible, it was easy to deceive him. He told Brown not to retreat but, somehow, convince the folks of Patusan that Jim was not blessed with any supernatural powers and that he was no extraordinary being. After winning over the Patusanians, Cornelius had planned to wield power over them. At first, Brown did not care for the words of Cornelius but later on, got prepared to accept his proposal. Thus, Brown posed as if he were retreating and Jim bade him farewell and said he would provide them enough food.

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