Lord Jim: Chapter 42 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Talk with Doramin and General Council of Bugis Community Over Brown's Given Choice.


      Jim thought that Brown had reached there as a danger to his position and Brown had decided that, if Jim would not agree to let them go back, he would order his men to fire impetuously at the local men in order to terrify them because they were less in numbers, and if anyhow, he agreed to let them retreat peacefully, he would act accordingly. When Jim said that he didn't have the authority to accept Brown's offer, Brown asked him why he had come there to talk. Jim walked away giving Brown the impression that soon he would meet him with clear terms.

      Jim consulted Doramin and said that it would be fair to let them go peacefully otherwise some of their own members would be killed in the fight. Doramin agreed with him but most unwillingly.

      Now, Jim had to face the general council of the Bugis community which was a hard nut to crack. They were not in favor of letting the foreigners retreat peacefully. Jim explained them that they should not put the lives of the Bugis at risk. Their grief was his own grief and he promised to pay his own life if any harm would come to the Bugis community.

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