Lord Jim: Chapter 37 - Summary & Analysis

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Jewel's Grievances Against Jim and Brown's Exposition


      Marlow had gained some information of Jim's life by Mr. Stein and Tamb Itam. When they (Stein and Marlow) met Jewel and Tamb Itam at Harbour, Tamb Itam told them that Jim was not willing to fight. Jewel said that he had deserted her; she would have been glad to die with him but he embraced his death in a very unlikely manner. He had become hard, cruel, disloyal and devoid of all sympathy and compassion as white men are used to be. Marlow tried to placate her by taking her arms but she didn't respond to him. Then Stein told the world story of Jim's death to Marlow. Stein also made Marlow learn that Jewel had failed to understand Jim's emotions and motives, and thus was annoyed. Stein tried his best to make Jewel understand Jim but she refused to forgive the man whom she had loved ardently.

      Marlow discovered the major role of a man, Mr. Brown, in the way Jim had met death. He traced this man to Bangkok and met him just before his death. He heard Brown abusing Jim as a "hollow sham". Brown also uttered that he would die with ease and comfort because he had done justice with Jim. After that, he died and Marlow could not gain more information.


      Though Jewels is deeply in love with Jim, yet she fails to understand his motive behind surrendering himself in front of Doramin.

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