Lord Jim: Chapter 36 - Summary & Analysis

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Marlow's Letter to his Friend


      At this point, Marlow ended his narrative, regarding Jim, to his listeners, at Malabar. Everyone went off with their own impression of Jim.

      After some time, one of the friends, to whom Marlow had narrated the story of Jim, received a letter from Marlow regarding Jim's story till the moment of his death. This friend was more interested in Jim than the others were. This letter informed him about Jim's death and that Marlow had got the possession of many letters that Jim had received from various people including his father's letter that contained his family news; his pet dog, and pony who had gone blind and was shot dead. His father had prayed and invoked Heaven's blessing upon him and conveyed him mother's and sister's love.

      Marlow said that there was no denying the fact that Jim was a romantic, a romantic beyond the wildest dreams of his boyhood.


      In chapter thirty-six, Marlow stops narrating the story of Jim. This chapter is important because now the story is not told by anybody but through written words (letters). Thus the style of narration has changed.

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