Lord Jim: Chapter 35 - Summary & Analysis

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Parting of Marlow and Jim


      Marlow, on leaving Patusan, looked behind what he was leaving. He saw Doramin and his wife nourishing their dream of making their son, the ruler of entire Patusan; Rajah Allang in perplexity regarding his position in the country; Dain Waris, a brave man and reposing his full confidence in Jim; Jewel who adored Jim; Tamb Itam, the faithful servant, and Cornelius who was bitterly hostile to Jim.

      Now Jim had accompanied Marlow till the first stage of Marlow's journey that ended at a fishing village. There Marlow had to board the schooner which would take him further. The men of fishing village were greatly tortured by the party of Rajah Allang who had robbed a great quantity of turtle eggs. The headman and his son-in-law rushed to meet Jim and he listened to their troubles carefully. It was clear to Marlow that after parting, Jim would go to visit Rajah Allang to settle the matter of turtle eggs.

      On parting, Jim assured Marlow to remain faithful to him and Jewel. Marlow thought of Jim again as having a romantic temperament and recalled Stein's words of letting him in the hands of destructive elements to struggle in order to attain stability. When Jim asked when they would meet again, Marlow replied "never" because he would not come to Patusan again and Jim would not leave Patusan. Jim agreed with Marlow. When Jim came to know that Marlow would visit England next year, he told him to convey his message to 'them' but soon changed his mind and gave no message. ("Them" means Jim's parents, living in England).

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