Lord Jim: Chapter 34 - Summary & Analysis

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Cornelius's Private Talk with Marlow


      Cornelius came to Marlow and wanted to talk to him privately. Marlow didn't have any objection because Jim seemed to him, a maker of his own fate and very much assured of his security. Jim considered this man very insignificant; he would not dare to kill Jim even if he himself handed over a loaded rifle to him. Cornelius first pleaded in front of Marlow that Jim would soon ruin him. He requested Marlow to talk to Jim for giving him monetary compensation because he had snatched his daughter from him whom he had nurtured and, in future, he would look after her when Jim went away from the country. At this, Marlow told him not to think about Jim's departure from Patusan. He would never go away from Patusan. Knowing this, first Cornelius felt disappointed and then his tone became threatening and said that he would see Jim who had plundered everything he possessed. He then began to abuse Jim and Jewel in Portuguese language and Marlow left him.


      The chapter throws much light upon the mischievous, cunning and shrewd characteristics of Cornelius.

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