Lord Jim: Chapter 33 - Summary & Analysis

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A Long Conversation between Marlow and jewel


      Marlow got greatly impressed by the innocence, beauty and simplicity of Jewel. He felt touched by the way she pleaded in front of him. She asked him about his purpose of staying in Patusan. Marlow told her; it was sheer trade and his friendship for Jim. He had no intention of taking Jim away from Patusan. She told that several times she had entreated Jim to quit Patusan, even that night also when he had shot that man of Sherif Ali, but he had promised not to leave her at the mercy of Cornelius. She further said that Sherif was planning to kill Jim and, for that purpose, he added a religious reason. He had been telling that Jim was not loyal and faithful; he should be killed. This information had been subtly given by Cornelius also, to Marlow. Here, point to be noted is that the love between Jim and Jewel was developing before he had launched an attack on Ali's headquarters.

      Jewel said that she still wanted Jim to quit Patusan because she did not want to weep over his death that was hovering over him. Marlow tried his best to assure her that Jim loved her truly and he would never let him go away from her. She said that, though Jim had sworn loyalty to her, yet she did not believe him because his father had also promised to be loyal to her mother, forever, but he had deserted her. Thus Jim also fell under the prospect of not adhering to his promises. Marlow, then, told her that he (Jim) was not among common white men. He was different and would remain true to her, forever. Jewel revealed to Marlow that, on one occasion, on asking him about the bane of his life, Jim had confided in Jewel and had told her about his cowardly act during the 'Patna' episode. She further said that she could not believe in any kind of cowardly act on Jim's part. Marlow, while dispelling her doubts, said that there was nothing in this world so strong that could take Jim away from her. She then said, his (Marlow's) coming to Patusan had filled her with fear. Marlow said he would never come there again and, even this time, he was not there to take him away. He assured her that Jim was not wanted in the world outside. Jewel insisted on knowing the reason why Jim would not leave her or Patusan or why the world outside did not want him. Marlow got irritated at her importunate questioning and told her that he (Jim) was not good enough for the world. She charged him for telling a lie and Marlow summed up that the fact was that nobody in this world was good enough.

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