Lord Jim: Chapter 32 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Contentment with his Life and Jewel a Mystery to Marlow


      Those three murderers were taken by Jim on the river bank and Jim told them to jump into the river and reach Sherif Ali with greetings and a message that he would like to meet him personally. The men had no other alternative but to jump. Now Jim came back to Jewel and felt immense passion for her. She bursted out in love and, at this moment, Jim came to know about the excessive love of the lady. Jim told Marlow that he was fortunate enough not only because he was wielding power in Patusan but also because of Jewel's love for him.

      Jim said to Marlow that though he had been in this place for just two years, yet he found that he would not be able to live anywhere else. He was frightened of other places because he had yet not forgotten the reason why he reached Patusan. Thus, because those memories were still fresh in his mind, he did not go back to his previous world. He further said that, at Patusan, people were ready to do anything for him. They loved him, reposed immense trust in him and named him Tuan Jim (Lord Jim) because of his virtues. He was satisfied with his life and had not done anything bad. Marlow agreed to it. Then Jim said that yet Marlow would not like to give him any responsible post on his own ship. When Marlow protested, Jim persisted that his world was not yet prepared to accept a man like Jim. But if here Marlow told his men about that disgraceful act of "Patna", they would consider Marlow a fool, a liar, a mad man. He said that he rendered good services to them and, in reward, they had given their trust and love. It has made him feel that the stigma of cowardice was removed from his mind and name.

      Marlow always found Jewel an enigma. She seemed to him more mysterious than Sphinx. She seemed to ask herself what she would do after Jim's departure from Patusan, as her mother told her that whitemen always went back to their own country, it didn't matter how long they stayed at Patusan. One evening, Jewel caught hold of Marlow's hand and said that she wanted to talk something privately. Most probably, she was apprehensive of Jim's departure from Patusan, and thinking that Marlow had come there to take him along to their own world.


      For the first time, Jim has openly felt the love of jewel for himself. Though Jim has become a prominent figure in Patusan, yet he failed to forget his dreadful past. Marlow found Jewel an enigmatic figure. He failed to understand her clearly.

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