Lord Jim: Chapter 31 - Summary & Analysis

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Jewel's Role in Saving Jim's Life


      Jim went to meet Doramin in order to discuss his plan of making an attack on Sherif Ali's headquarters. Cornelius humbly requested him to come back. Jim had to encourage and inspire the Bugis men who were terribly afraid of Sherif Ali's men because, in their last attack, they had carried some women with them belonging to the Bugis. Moreover he was Raja Allang's friend and the people of the Bugis community feared destruction at the hands of Sherif Ali's men, but Jim encouraged them enough to launch an attack upon Sherif Ali. In the night, Jim was awakened by Jewel, holding a torch, very agitated and fearful. She asked him to fight against four armed men. She came there with a revolver. He laughed at her but she told him to follow her. She led him to a shed nearby and told him that a few men were inside, planning to kill him. Jim entered the shed with the revolver and asked them to come out. One man came out, from behind the mound of mats, with a knife to stab, but was shot dead. Others came out when they were told that he would not harm them if they surrendered. Thus Jewel, by giving timely information, succeeded to save Jim's life. These men were sent by Sherif Ali to kill him.


      The failure of conspiracy in this chapter affirms Jewel's genuine love for Jim.

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