Lord Jim: Chapter 30 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Contempt for Cornelius


      Marlow came to know, during his stay in Patusan, that Cornelius was making the life of Jewel as miserable as he had done for her mother. He insisted upon her to call him father and address him more respectfully. He used to abuse her mother and when Jewel ran away from his sight, he chased her, dashing in and out of the office, and abused her mother as a devil. Jim wanted to thrash Cornelius during such moments but, anyhow, he refrained himself from doing so. Thereafter, he did his best to console the agitated Jewel, and Cornelius, hiding himself somewhere tried to overhear them. Jim was informed by several men, Doramin and the villagers that his life was in danger. Even Cornelius warned him and told him that if Jim paid him eighty dollars, he would disclose the conspiracy. But Jim didn't pay any heed to him. When Cornelius again came back with the same intention, Jim lost his temper and told him that nobody could touch him against his wishes and people were free to do their utmost to kill him. He told Cornelius that he was such a personality to make others dance to his tunes.

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