Lord Jim: Chapter 29 - Summary & Analysis

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Jewel's Love for Jim; and Cornelius as a Danger to Jim's Life


      Jim was proud of Jewel. Marlow, in his talk with Jewel, found a curious infusion of shyness and boldness. She was gifted with a pretty smile but whenever she smiled, Marlow noticed an expression of anxiety in her eyes. She knew how to speak and understand good English because her mother had taught her. She was as devoted to Jim as Tamb Itam was. Both never went to sleep until Jim had retired to bed.

      Cornelius, as seemed to Marlow, was the real danger to Jim and he played a foul role in a plan to end Jim's life. Jim was careless towards his safety and did not pay much attention to this man. He was alarmed by Doramin also that he was taking risk in leaving his house and settling down with Cornelius at Stein's house. But Jim didn't bother himself about it.

      Cornelius is presented as an abject personality. This abjectness rules all his actions and emotions; his smile, anger, indignation, love etc. everything was stamped with abjectness. He often tried his best to convince Jim that Mr. Stein owred him a lot of money as the commission payable to him, for the trading of three years.

      It was resounding in air that Rajah Allang had prepared himself to attack Jim and kill him because he had left the house of Doramin and thus was less secure and safe.


      This chapter is mainly focused on the character of Jewel and Cornelius, who is portrayed as an extremely abject figure. Jewel is very well presented by Marlow, through and through.

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