Lord Jim: Chapter 28 - Summary & Analysis

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Rajah Allattg’s Feat and Jim's Jewel


      Rajah Allang was horrified at the victory of the people over Sherif Ali. Apprehending himself as their next victim, he began to imagine himself as a fugitive, driven out of Patusan without women, wine and his followers. He was sure of the fact that now he was going to get attacked by Jim whom nobody would dare to resist. He regarded Jim as a devil, swallowing up everybody.

      Doramin asked Marlow when Jim would go back to his place, and when Marlow replied in the negative; he and his wife got disappointed and depressed. They wanted to see their son as a ruler of Patusan. Here, Marlow came to know about their cunningness. They wanted Jim to leave Patusan so that their son could wield all the power and authority:

      The Bugis were quite jubilant over their victory and thought of another victory over Rajah Allang, against whom they were too furious and hostile. Now Marlow learnt about Jim's love for a girl whom he named Jewel. She was the daughter of a woman whom Cornelius got married to. In fact Stein was kind to Cornelius because he had rehabilitated a deserted woman and a girl. But after getting a job, Cornelius began to ill-treat the woman who died after sometime. Now he began to harass the girl. Cornelius seemed very polite and respectful towards Jim when he arrived to replace him, but inwardly; Cornelius was hostile towards Jim. Jewel was the girl to whom Jim was immediately introduced, after his arrival to Patusan. Marlow, on his way to Patusan, was informed by a man that there was a white vagabond in Patusan who had got a big jewel. Marlow, later on, came to know about the superstition of the people of Patusan that Jim had caught hold of an emerald of enormous size and kept it somewhere in the body of Jewel to conceal it.


      In this chapter, the superstition of the men of Patusan is alluded to. Cornelius's diabolic nature is very well presented here.

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