Lord Jim: Chapter 27 - Summary & Analysis

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The Victory of Jim Over Sherif Ali's Party


      Nobody could have ever imagined those heavy cannons to be carried on top of the hill. They began to think of some mysterious role of supernatural in the whole operation. People were filled with confidence when Jim had fixed those cannons on the top. Dain Waris started creeping, and after covering two-thirds of the way, stopped to wait for the sun. The moment the sun had appeared, the attack was launched. Jim, at this time, had already acquired a robust support of a man called Tamb Itam. He was a Malay who had fled from his forcibly detained duty as a boatman and took refuge amongst the Bugis. Now he became the bodyguard of Jim and this made the people respect him more and consider him an influential personality. He fought bravely with methodical ferocity against Sherif Ali. Finally; they won the battle, victory fell on their part and this achievement raised Jim to a status close to that of God.

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