Lord Jim: Chapter 26 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim and Bugis Community


      Jim perceived Doramin as the most distinguished personality with a look of dignity and magnetism. He had a son named Dain Waris who was also as remarkable as his father. He was very close to Jim and was his most intimate friend, next only to Marlow.

      Now Jim told Marlow about his invaluable services rendered to Doramin. When Jim reached Patusan, the Bugis community was much scared of the supporters of Rajah Allang and Sherif Ali. Jim resolved to help them. He carried two old cannons of Doramin to the top of a hill, in the darkness of night, to fire at Sherif Ali's headquarters. Meanwhile, he had managed, with Dain Waris's help, a large number of people to attack Sherif Ali's stronghold when cannons would start firing. No one was assured of Jim's success the moment he carried those cannons on top of the hill. Jim was regarded as a supernatural by Doramin's supporters.


      Jim informs Marlow about his achievements in Patusan. His successful attack over Sherif Ali places him at a high altar in the country.

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