Lord Jim: Chapter 38 - Summary & Analysis

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Brown's History of Life


      'Gentleman' Brown, as he addressed himself, was supposed to be the son of the baronet. He was a robber and smuggler. He had stolen a ship and went through several adventures; it seemed he was prepared to take any kind of risk for money. Once, he fled away with the wife of a missionary, who got married to the missionary in a state of enthusiasm and felt sorry afterward. She was ill at the time Brown carried her off and she died on the ship. Brown was grieved a lot and his pain was genuine. Luck had not favored him afterward and he lost his ship on some rocks. He had disappeared for a time but again appeared in Manila Bay involved in illegal activities. Brown had been taken into custody by a Spanish Patrol vessel; he was blamed for running guns for rebellious elements in the Philippines. After being a victim of vigilance, he feared long imprisonment; but, with the help of his fellow from Solomon Island, he succeeded in slipping away from custody. He, after that, had stolen a schooner with the help of this man.

      There were sixteen men in the schooner, some white men and others from different parts of the East They were starving for food and water because they could not reach any port on account of not being bonafide and for fear of being arrested. Brown had heard of Patusan, an isolated place, and thus thought to take shelter there. At Batii Kring, he anchored the schooner, under the charge of two men, and sailed upstream to settle at Patusan.


      This chapter deals with the life of Brown. Enough light is thrown over his past life and how he reaches Patusan.

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