Lord Jim: Chapter 23 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Excessive Enthusiasm


      Jim had dinner with Stein and when he returned, his mind was saturated with the impression of Stein. He said that Stein was the most wonderful man; he had given him a letter, addressed to Cornelius, for his dismissal. He showed Marlow a ring given by Stein, that meant to introduce him to an old man, Doramin, who had given that ring to Stein, as a token of love. They had an eternal kind of friendship. First, Marlow got impressed by Jim's enthusiasm but after finding Jim so enthusiastic, he felt a little apprehensive because it could unhinge the mind of Jim. Jim said, in exaltation, that finally fortune had smiled upon him.

      Marlow got upset to see excessive enthusiasm of Jim who seemed to cross all the limits of exhilaration because, for Marlow, there was no reason to cause such jubilation because Jim was going to the place where trade had already declined and his post was just that of a trading clerk there.

      Jim promised not to come back from that place because nothing was enchanting enough to force him back (except Marlow). He went to get his things because it was 2 o'clock and, at four, his ship was to sail on. Marlow gave him a revolver and small boxes of cartridges to save himself from the violence of the people of Patusan but Jim had forgotten to carry the cartridges. Marlow followed him to hand them over to Jim. When he reached Jim, his ship had started moving slowly.


      It is interesting to notice Marlow's uneasiness at Jim's excessive enthusiasm.

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