Lord Jim: Chapter 22 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Excitement on getting Stein's Offer


      The life at Patusan was not safe and secure because there were three groups who were hostile to one another and thus violence broke out from time to time. Sultan, the ruler, was a mad fellow who indulged in exploiting poor men for money. He had several uncles who managed to extort money; the worst among them was Rajah Allang. But Marlow had no other alternative, therefore he made a decision to send Jim there. When Marlow told about this offer to Jim, he said enthusiastically this was what he had been dreaming of. He assured Marlow that this time he would not let him down. He said, though he didn't deserve such an offer yet, this was what he needed badly. Marlow told him that nobody, there, would remind him of the disgraceful act of 'Patna'. Jim rushed out to get into the cab and go to Stein's house before Marlow had completed his sentence.


      For the first time, we see Jim in such high spirits after the 'Patna' episode.

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