Lord Jim: Chapter 21 - Summary & Analysis

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Stein's Offer to Jim


      At breakfast, Stein told Marlow that he wanted to appoint Jim in place of Cornelius, at Patusan. He was not satisfied with the way the latter was working. Patusan was a remote district ruled by the natives and Stein had a trading post there. Cornelius managed his office there. Marlow thought that Stein's proposal was not bad because Jim would be at a distant place, less haunted of his past life and might prove himself far better at the position, where Cornelius failed. Marlow himself was going away to visit England and he did not want to leave Jim aimlessly loitering here and there and ruin himself. Thus, he decided to persuade Jim to accept the offer.


      This is the precursor to the turning point in Jim's life.

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