Lord Jim: Chapter 24 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Achievements


      After two years, Marlow went to visit Patusan. He was the second white man seen by the elderly headman (First was Jim, Stein never visited there, Cornelius was half-caste Portuguese). This headman highly glorified Jim. He said that Tuan Jim was a kind of blessing to them, who protected their village from the hostility of three parties there. Thus Marlow came to know that everybody at Patusan loved Jim. Jim said to Marlow that he was quite happy, trusted and loved by everybody and thus Marlow felt. Jim reminded Marlow of the fact that now he was more convinced and confirmed not to leave Patusan. Then Marlow said that Mr. Stein wanted to present him his own house and the entire stock of trading goods. Being forced by him, Jim accepted the offer. He became more proud and casted his eyes everywhere with a feeling of certitude. Marlow was happy and also felt proud of his friend, Jim that he had achieved enormous success in a country like Patusan. Now, Jim was free from the chains of disgrace and humiliation that has been haunting him after 'Patna' episode.


      This chapter presents Jim as a changed man whom we find after the 'Patna' issue. Thus Jim is happy; proud and full of aspiration and enthusiasm.

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