Lord Jim: Chapter 16 - Summary & Analysis

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Marlow Generosity and Jim's Hope to Regain his Life


      Marlow says to the listeners that he wanted Jim to rehabilitate in life; regain self-esteem and esteem in people's eyes. He was sure that Jim would succeed in re-establishing himself and win the affection and admiration of others. He thought that it would be better for Jim to go to some remote place and work there, away from the crowd. Now, he found it good to encourage Chester to offer a job to Jim so that he could go to a far off land and forget his stressful past.

      Marlow felt the sense of humiliation that troubled Jim a lot. He thought that the sense of guilt was more intense than the disgrace. He got attracted towards Jim because of his fine feelings and aspirations. According to Marlow, Jim is a fine fellow but altogether unfortunate also. When Marlow was meditating over Jim's situation, Jim suddenly rushed out to jump into the sea below, he wanted to commit suicide but returned into the room.

      By that time, a storm came with rain, thunder and lightning. Jim asked for a cigarette and began to smoke in full tranquility. He thanked Marlow for bringing him to the hotel and expressed his hope of regaining life. Then Jim desired to leave but Marlow insisted that it was raining heavily and he should stay there. Jim acted accordingly.


      Here in the chapter, we saw after 'Patna' incident, for the first time, we see Jim finally mentally relaxed.

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