Lord Jim: Chapter 17 - Summary & Analysis

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Jim's Expectation of Regaining Life and Marlow's Belief in Fate


      Marlow wanted to help Jim and save him from disgrace, degradation, desertion and despair. Jim said very boldly that he could not accept any monetary help because it would hurt his self-esteem. Then Marlow had given a letter to Jim and sent him to a friend for a job.

      At this friendliness of Marlow, Jim was filled with high gratitude. He said that Marlow was really an excellent human being and showed his hope of getting a new job and start life again with this letter. The rain had, by now, stopped, he bade good-bye and left Marlow's room.

      Marlow thought that at least this letter would save Jim from starvation but he did not believe in Jim's assurance of beginning a life on a clean slate because, for him, man is a puppet in the hands of Fate, everything in his life is preordained and they are put to act according to the will of Destiny.


      It is interesting to note that, though Jim is very much assured of regaining his life with the help of the letter, yet Marlow is not that certain, considering man a toy in the hands of Destiny.

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