A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 20 - Summary & Analysis

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      All the Englishmen, along with their ladies and children had assembled in the club. An army officer made offensive remarks against Aziz, and Callendar supported him. He declared that Aziz had bribed everyone, to be alone with Adela Quested, so as to do the mischief. He pointed to Fielding and accused him of being in league with the prisoner.

      Ronny Heaslop entered the room and found everyone standing up in his honor except Fielding. The Army Officer was infuriated and called Fielding a swine. He asked Fielding to stand up. The Collector was also furious and asked him to explain why he did not stand up like everyone else. Fielding made the statement that he believed that Aziz was innocent. He said that he was waiting for the verdict of the court. If Aziz was found guilty, he would resign and leave India. He resigned from the club then and there.

      The Collector was not satisfied and demanded a direct answer to his question. Fielding refused to answer the question and moved towards the door but the army officer blocked his way. It was then that Ronny intervened and Fielding was allowed to go.

      Fielding left the room and went to the verandah above. The first thing he saw were the Marabar Caves at a distance.

Critical Analysis

      The strength of Fielding's character was amply brought out. His Love for justice and truth was unshaken. He had the courage to stand alone, facing all the persons who were united against him. A minor incident had ignited the spark of racialism. The Indians had united against the Britishers believing that Aziz was the victim of a well-calculated conspiracy. The Britishers maintained that they had been purposely humiliated and insulted. They were thirsting for revenge. The dream to understand India was turning into a nightmare.

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