A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 21 - Summary & Analysis

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      Fielding went out to meet his new friends. On the way he found the Muslims busy preparing for Moharram. He did not regret leaving the club forever because justice and truth were dearer to him than the small entertainment at the club.

      Fielding spent the evening in the company of Nawab Bahadur Hamidullah and Mahmoud Ali who were planning for Aziz’s defense. Amrit Rao, the Hindu lawyer from Calcutta had been engaged. A fresh application for bail, which hid been refused earlier, was to be submitted again for acceptance, as Miss Adella Quested was reported to be out of danger.

      Fielding went to Godbole to unburden his heart about all that had happened at the club but the Professor had already gone to sleep and a few days later had left for his new job.

Critical Analysis

      The communal problem is getting more entangled. Fielding seemed to be the only sane person in this turmoil. He had even resigned from the club on this issue.

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