A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 19 - Summary & Analysis

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      Fielding was quite worried about Aziz. He discussed the matter with Hamidullah and did not agree with him on the choice of the barrister who would handle the case. He also offered surety for Aziz's bail but the Muslims did not accept it.

      Fielding also discussed the matter with Godbole. The Hindu Brahman was more interested in the name of the new school which was to be started at his native place than in Aziz's case. He did not commit himself when Fielding put direct questions to him as to whether Aziz was guilty or not? His answer was that the court would decide.

      After some efforts, Fielding got permission to see Aziz who accused Fielding of having deserted him. After that Fielding decided to write a letter to Miss Adela Quested who, he believed, would be the last person to accuse an Indian wrongfully.

Critical Analysis

      Fielding remained persistently calm and balanced. He felt that Miss Adela Quested was the only hope for Aziz. Hamidullah, however, wanted to give a racial coloring to the sad event and wanted to involve as many Indians as possible in this racial strife. The tension is getting unbearable every moment.

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