A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 30 - Summary & Analysis

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      As a result of the conflict between the Britishers and the Indians, the Muslims and Hindus had come closer. Mr. Das, the magistrate, paid a visit to Dr. Aziz. He requested him for two things - remedy for shingles and a poem for his brother-in-law's magazine. Aziz promised both. In order to be able to write a poem he got a vague desire to love India and to make an attempt to understand non-Muslims. Hamidullah suggested the title of the poem 'The Indian Lady' as she is and not as she is supposed to be. However, it cannot be said that various sections of the Indians knew much about each other to be able to overcome their mutual suspicions.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter deals specifically with the racial problems. The Muslims did not love India and friendship based on mutual hatred could not last for long. Inspite of their desire to come together both the communities stuck to their opinions of one another.

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