A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 29 - Summary & Analysis

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      The Lt. Governor had visited Chandrapore to give a final burial to the happenings of Marabar Caves. He did not approve of the handling of the case by the local officials. He talked against racial prejudice and congratulated Fielding on taking a sensible stand on the issue. He requested Fielding to rejoin the club. But inspite of Sir Gilbert's visit, the official stand remained as unpleasant and rigid as the sun.

      When Aziz heard of Mrs. Moore's sad demise, he was very crestfallen. He wept bitterly for Mrs. Moore.

      When Aziz talked of compensation, Fielding mentioned Mrs. Moore's name and said that she would not have liked Aziz taking compensation from Adela. At last, Aziz had to relent. He agreed on the payment of costs only. He felt that Fielding was correct, after all Adela was going to marry Mrs. Moore's son Ronny. The only honor he was capable of doing Mrs. Moore was not to pester Miss Adela Quested anymore. Fielding felt likewise.

      The more, Fielding came in contact with Miss Adela Quested, the more, he came to admire her. He felt she was a fine character. But the letter of apology she had addressed to Aziz was not convincing. Fielding bluntly remarked that she had no real affection towards the Indians. She wanted to know India without knowing the Indians. Adela was sorry for all the mischief she had done in India. She felt, she would do better in England.

      Ronny was being transferred. He thanked Fielding for looking after Miss Adela Quested and told him that she was about to return to England. Fielding went to see Adela to seek confirmation of her departure for England. She promised to write to Fielding and made him promise to see her when he returned back to England.

      After ten days, Adela left for England. The servant Antony tried to blackmail her on the ship for being Fielding's mistress. Antony was taken off the ship. The passengers ignored Miss Adela Quested for the first part of the voyage. In the second part of the voyage, however, their attitude towards her changed. Adela thought of visiting Ralph and Stella as soon as she reached England. Thereafter she would try to settle down somewhere.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter shows that the tenuous relationship between the English and the Indians was on the point of breaking. Mrs. Moore had left India earlier and now Miss Adela Quested had also to leave. The only hope is pinned to Fielding who stayed in India. We are still to see how his relationship with Aziz works out.

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