A Passage To India: Part 2 Chapter 31 - Summary & Analysis

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      There were two scandals circulating in Chandrapore. One of the scandals was that McBryde was seen in Miss Derek's room and that his wife was going to divorce him. Then there was the scandal that Fielding was in love with Miss Adela Quested. It was said that Miss Adela Quested, after the trial, while staying at the Principal's house became his mistress. Even Aziz had come to believe this rumor. He even asked Fielding, how he had enjoyed his days with Adela Quested. Fielding exploded with anger and Aziz took it to heart and Fielding had to ask for his pardon.

      Meanwhile, at the behest of the Collector, Fielding rejoined the club. At the club’ he met the new Civil Surgeon, the new Magistrate and the unrepentant McBryde. Later, he met Aziz at dinner on the invitation of the latter and explained why he had joined the club again. Though the two remained friends, their friendship lacked warmth.

      Left to himself, Aziz became more suspicious of Fielding. Fielding, however, was aware of the suspicion plaguing in Aziz's mind. He addressed a letter to him to explain his conduct. Aziz being unconquered sent a cold reply to him stating that it would not be possible for him to meet Fielding before his departure. Aziz seemed to believe that Fielding and Adela had already married.

Critical Analysis

      Chandrapore (miniature India) had not been able to retain the interest of its inhabitants. One by one all the major characters had been deserting it. The tension generated due to the Marabar Cave had been so great that it had become impossible for the different characters to continue living there any longer.

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