Oliver Twist: Chapter 30 - Summary & Analysis

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Relates to what Oliver's new Visitors thought of him.


The Young Lady wept over the Wretchedness of Oliver

      The two ladies joined the doctor and went to the room upstairs and cast a look upon the wounded boy who was lying on the bed, and looked very much in pain and fatigue. The boy was in slumber. The ladies got amazed to see it because they presumed the thief very dangerous and horrifying but it was merely a child. The young lady Rose felt moved to see the boy who seemed to her very innocent but severely in pain. As she leaned over the boy her tears fell upon Oliver's face. The boy stirred and gave a smile in sleep as felt her pity and affection.

Rose's Appeal to Her Aunt

      Rose said that such a young and innocent boy could never be a thief. The doctor expressed his view that sometimes such young boys were caught by the robbers who converted them into thieves after giving them proper training. He continued to say that often innocent young boys fell as a victim of the professional robbers who required new boys for their criminal activities. Rose then said though this boy had been cooperating in the nefarious activities of the thieves yet he deserved some help because he might have never known mother's love or comfort of a healthy family life. Rose then made a request to the elderly lady whom she was calling her aunt She told her to form a lenient opinion about this boy.

      The name of the elder lady was Mrs. Maylie and Rose was addressing her as aunt. The fact behind why Rose felt moved to see Oliver was that she herself had been deprived of the love of her mother and was living with this lady as a dependent who lavished her abundant love and affection upon her. Now Mrs. Maylie Rose and Dr. Losbeme decided that the boy should be kept away from the hands of robberfe and also from the policemen who had arrived there in response to their call. Dr. Losbeme had inwardly decided to talk to the servants in order to bewilder them about the identity of this boy. He wanted to talk to them in such a way that they failed to identify the boy as the same who had entered the house in order to commit the robbery. But as he was about to talk to them he was told that there had come a couple of officers from Bow Street to investigate the attempted burglary. Actually, as the doctor had started talking to the two servants, a carriage came at their door of the house and two policemen stepped down from it Thus doctor failed to carry out his plan of confusing the servants to identify the wounded boy who was lying in miserable condition.

Critical Analysis

      Few other important characters are introduced in this chapter like Mrs. Maylie, Rose Maylie and Dr. Losberne. Rose is a model of idealized womanhood. She is very tender-hearted and full of human values. Mrs. Maylie is also kin and noble natured. But these characters are the weak creation of Dickens. They represent Dickens' excessive sentiments and are not interesting.

      Pathos is pervading this chapter. Rose weeps, Mrs. Maylie is touched and Dr. Losberne accuses his eyes for being weak when he wipes his tears with his handkerchiefs.

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