Oliver Twist: Chapter 29 - Summary & Analysis

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Has an introductory Account of the Inmates of the House to which Oliver resorted.


A Doctor came to Attend upon Oliver

      There sat two ladies in a well-furnished room. One of the ladies was quite aged but other was a young lady of about seventeen years old. She was looking like an embodiment of innocence and purity. A doctor, who had been called, arrived there to examine wounded Oliver. Doctor's name was Losherne. He was famous for his good-heart and style which made others laugh. The ladies told him that his patient was lying in a room upstairs. The Doctor went upstairs to examine boy and when came back he told the ladies to keep an eye on the patient.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter is an introductory detail of the inmates of the house where Oliver has taken resort.

      Dr. Losherne comes to see the boy. He is known for his jovial nature and kind heart.

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