Oliver Twist: Chapter 28 - Summary & Analysis

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Looks after Oliver, and Proceeds with his Adventures.


Oliver Left into a Ditch by Sikes

      When Sikes was running away from the house which they had tried to burgle, Oliver was in his arms lying unconscious. He ordered Toby to stop and help him in looking after wounded Oliver. Toby said that they would be caught by the pursuers if had stopped to take care of Oliver. Oliver should be put somewhere in a ditch and they must save their own lives. Thus Oliver was left by Sikes into a ditch in his state of unconsciousness. Then after they took to their heels in order to escape themselves. The pursuers were the two servants of the lady whose home has been going to be robbed. Their names were Giles arid Brittles. Third pursuer was the man who had joined these two in their chase. After chasing the robbers these three men stopped and turned back to the house because they did not want to take any risk in competing robbers.

Oliver Reached the House in a Confused State where he was Shot

      The house which was fortunately saved from being burgled belonged to a rich lady who was living there with her niece. When the pursuers came back after their failed attempt to chase the robbers something strange happened there. Oliver, after recovering from his unconscious, got up on his feet, had roamed here and there in order to get shelter. In this course of searching out any shelter, Oliver had arrived at the door of that house which Sikes and Toby, tried to burgle with his help. Oliver was confused and could not recognize the house where he was. He knocked on the door in order to get shelter there.

A Doctor and Policemen summoned for Oliver

      After getting back the servants Giles and Brittles got involved in refreshing themselves with tea and something to eat. They were still accompanied by the ticket who had also chased those robbers. When they heard the knock, they opened the door and became much astonished to find a boy there. Giles, at once, cried that one of the thieves had come back and he was the same boy whom he had fired his gun at. These two servants rushed upwards the stairs in order to inform their mistress about the arrival of the thief boy. The lady, who was living with the owner of the house inquired to her maid servants whether the wounded thief was in serious condition. Giles, when heard the lady, replied that the boy was indeed in serious condition. The young lady named Rose asked Giles to carry the wounded boy to the room upstairs and then go to the town Chertsy and called a doctor and also a police constable. Giles acted accordingly and went to carry out the instructions of that lady.

Critical Analysis

      It is very amusing to see Oliver knocking the door of that house which robbers have attempted to rob with his help.

      The ladies of the house treat Oliver kindly and make arrangements for his medical treatment and tell their servants to summon policemen also.

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