Oliver Twist: Chapter 27 - Summary & Analysis

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Mrs. Corney's consent to Mr. Bumble's proposal for Marriage

      After hearing the confession of Old Sally and also her death Mrs. Corney returns to her own room and found Mr. Bumble waiting for her as she had requested him to do before leaving the room for Sally. During Mrs. Corney's absence, Mr. Bumble had been exploring the things which belonged to Mrs. Corney. He had even counted teapots, cups, spoons and also looked into the drawers. Mrs. Corney now was saying to Mr. Bumble that Old Sally had told her something which she could not disclose to him right now. Mr. Bumble then started talking to her in that manner as to seek her response on his marriage proposal. He told Mrs. Corney that Mr. Slout was very close to death and his vacancy would be occupied by him after Mr. Slout's death. Mrs. Bumble was intended to say that his future prospects were very good and bright. He then asked about Mrs. Corney's consent to marry him. Mrs. Corney who herself was interested in getting re-married indicated her approval, though she did that in a very shy, hesitating and modest way. Mr. Bumble now parted her with light heart and bright dreams of his married life.

Noah and Charlotte's Love Making seen by Mr. Bumble

      Mr. Bumble now went to the shop of Mr. Sowerberry in order to instruct him about the arrangements of a funeral on the following day for dead Old Sally. Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry was not there at that time and he saw Noah and Charlotte making love to each other. He found Noah kissing Charlotte. He scolded them and ordered Noah to close the shop and asked Charlotte to leave. He began to think how crooked and mischievous these people were who were taking advantage of the absence of their master. It was another matter that only half an hour ago he had been making love with a widow.

Critical Analysis

      Mr. Bumble's pity is mercilessly exposed in this chapter but it is less satiric and more comic. He finds Mrs. Corney a good candidate for his bride. Mr. Bumble, being a beadle clearly says that he is impressed by the prospects of having ’coals’ candles and house rent-free". But Mrs. Corney does not feel any offense on hearing this. Satire becomes intense when Mr. Bumble walks into the shop of Mr. Sowerberry. This makes us detest him for his hypocrisy because he himself was involved in ridiculous love-making few times before but he gets furious to see Noah and Charlotte very close to each other, expressing their love.

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