Oliver Twist: Chapter 31 - Summary & Analysis

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Police Officers came to Investigate the attempted Robbery

      The police officers who entered the house were named Blathers and Duff. Dr. Losberne introduced the police officers to Mrs. Maylie, the owner of the house where the robbery had been attempted. Then policemen investigated about the attempted burglary. Mrs. Maylie and Rose were feeling worried about the action that police officers were expected to take. It seemed to them that police officers would take the boy into their custody. They hurriedly asked the doctor what was to be done to save the boy. The Doctor stealthily went up the stairs and instructed Oliver to deny his participation in the attempted robbery. Meanwhile, the police officers were offered drinks in order to keep them busy. Ultimately, the police officers, after having drinks said that they would spend their night in the town of Chertsey and come back in the morning to complete their investigation.

Oliver Saved by the Ladies and Doctor

      The next morning the police officers came back feeling very much convinced about the boy's innocence on the basis of what doctor had told, what the boy said and the narration by Giles and Brittles, they reached the conclusion that it was not essential to remove the boy from the house to the police station. Then they arranged for a magistrate who was his neighbor to visit the house and a joint bail of Mrs. Maylie and Dr. Losberne for Oliver's appearance in the court if it became unavoidable for him to be called there. Thus Oliver remained in the house, inwardly blessing these benefactors who were like angels for him.

Critical Analysis

      Fortune starts smiling upon Oliver. The robbery fails and helps Oliver to come out of criminal world.

      Now, Oliver is liberated from the chains of the forces of darkness. The forces of light starts protecting him and we only anticipate that these new forces are powerful to defend him against the evil designs of the forces of darkness.

      It is for the second time that Oliver receives love, sympathy, security.

      We feel happy to find that Oliver is not again thrown into the grip of cruel Fagin and his group.

      Though Dr. Losberne has told a lie to the policemen and confused the loyal servants of the house yet his intention was noble, it was to save an innocent boy.

      Dickens had not much faith in institutions like law and police. He was more confident in the individual efforts of sincere men. Thus he has approved the conduct of Dr. Losberne.

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