Oliver Twist: Chapter 32 - Summary & Analysis

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Of the Happy Life, Oliver began to Lead with His Kind Friends in Countryside.


The Two Ladies wanted Oliver to accompany them to the Countryside

      Oliver caught cold and fever, thus for many weeks, his health deteriorated badly. But after that, he started recovering and became able to speak sometimes a few words in which he expressed his gratitude to the two kind-hearted ladies who were taking his utmost care. Dr. Losbeme also had been looking after him. One day Miss Rose told Oliver that she and her aunt were going into the countryside to spend their time and ey wanted to take him along. Oliver felt much gratified to these ladies for thinking like that.

Oliver's Journey to London

      Oliver had told the ladies and doctor about his whole life history and circumstances under which he was trapped by the robbers and pick pockets. He also told them about that old gentleman Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin who had shown great mercy upon him and he had not been able to return because he had been caught by the criminals who dragged him to their den. Dr. Losberne offered Oliver to go to London with him and contact Mr. Brownlow and told him why he could not return to him. Thus, one morning Dr. Losberne and Oliver, started his journey in a little carriage that belonged to Mrs. Maylie. When they reached the Chertsy Bridge, Oliver suddenly turned pale and exclaimed in surprise and fear. Dr. Losberne asked about the matter. Oliver indicated a house, at distance and told this was the house where they had carried him before the attempted burglary. At this, Dr. Losberne immediately got down from the carriage and ran towards that house where an ugly, hump-backed fellow was guarding that house. Dr. Losberne asked him whether this was the dwelling of thieves and robbers. That hump-backed fellow got furious and said that he had been living there for last twenty-five years and it was an insult of him to ask about the thieves and robbers. Dr. Losberne felt sorry and thought it a mistake made by Oliver. He returned to his carriage. But the doctor soon realized it that he should not have believed that hump-backed man so promptly. He might be false. He should have persisted there and kept on his investigations and gone into the house for inspection.

Oliver much Disappointed to Find Mr. Brownlow Absent

      When Oliver and Dr. Losberne arrived at Mr. Brownlow's house, Oliver came to know through a neighbor that after selling his belongings Mr. Brownlow had gone to the West Indies six weeks before. Mrs. Bedwin also went with him. Mr. Brownlow's friend Mr. Grimwig had gone too with them. Oliver felt very much hopeless and disappointed to get these news. He desperately wanted to meet Mr. Brownlow to explain him why he could not came back to him and how he was caught by the thieves. Subsequently, both Oliver and Dr. Losberne came back to Mrs. Maylie's residence.

A Calm and Tranquil Life in the Village

      Now Oliver accompanied Mrs. Maylie and Miss Rose and went to the village where these two ladies had decided to spend few months amidst the blissful lap of Nature. Their house close to the Chertsy was left under the care of Giles and other servant. Oliver found village too beautiful and peaceful. He found as if he was entering a fresh life there. The place was far from the hustle-bustle, dust and din of cities and towns. Of course, it was most joyous and tranquil period of his life. There was no anxiety, tension or any kind of stress or disturbance. Subsequently passed three months in this unstained pleasure and peace but now Oliver got mixed up and entirely familiar to these two ladies Mrs. Maylie, and Miss Rose, Mrs. Maylie's niece.

Critical Analysis

      Oliver finds himself in altogether a new world. He feels highly grateful to the love, kindness of Maylie's family but this sense of gratitude is presented not in a very artistic style.

      The new world of Oliver seems Arcadian-prayers at church, visits to small houses of laborers, collecting flowers and enjoying cricket match. But it should not bore the readers as it gives an uneasy feeling of living in an idealized surroundings.

      Chance again plays an important role against Oliver. It does not make Oliver successful to vindicate himself in front of Mr. Brownlow. Mr. Brownlow has left his house and went to West Indies just few days before.

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