Oliver Twist: Chapter 35 - Summary & Analysis

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Containing the Unsatisfactory Result of Oliver's Adventure; and a Conversation of Some Importance between Harry Maylie and Rose.


A Futile Chase

      When the inmates of the house heard Oliver's cry for help they hurriedly reached the spot where Oliver stood. Oliver told them what had he seen, Harry and Mrs. Maylie immediately rushed in that direction where Oliver had pointed. Harry wanted to catch hold of the two men who had horrified Oliver because one of them was Fagin who wanted to possess Oliver and use him in picking pockets and robbery. Dr. Losberne, Oliver and Giles also joined Harry in his pursuit. They did not stop even for a breath till they reached fields where those two men might have hidden themselves. They tried their best to search out both of the men but it was all fruitless. Harry said that Oliver had seen them in reverse but Oliver asserted that he had actually seen these men. They returned home with disappointment. The next day a fresh search was made but they could not reach any success.

Rose, Perfectly Recovered

      Rose had now fully recovered from her illness. Harry frequently had long talks with Mrs. Maylie privately, and sometimes Rose was found with traces of tears upon her cheeks. Dr. Losberne now decided to return because there was no reason to stay more when Rose was perfectly alright.

Rose Expressed Her Inability to Accept Harry's Proposal

      One morning Harry met Rose when she was all alone. Harry told her that he wanted to talk to her something private. Rose was not very curious to listen to him but Harry had to reveal his heart, thus he was very keen to talk to Rose. He said that when he heard that Rose laid fallen seriously ill he came to the country to see her. He had been loving her from a very long time and news of her illness for shook him. She was his greatest ambition of life. He wanted to win her because she sat very high in his eyes. He madly like to marry her and prove himself worthy to her. Rose replied that it would be better for him to forget her because it was not possible for her to accept his proposal. But she would continue to be his faithful friend and remain true and very loyal to him. Then she stopped and during this pause Rose shed tears badly. It seemed that something was troubling her mind. She was not happy to reject his proposal of marriage. Harry asked what was making her so discessed and troubled. She replied that she had no money of her own and could not, therefore, manage her dowry when she would get married to someone. Besides, there was a stigma attached to her name. If she were to marry Harry, his friends would think that she had used him in order to be rich. But this logic could not convince Harry. He asked again what hurdle was there in between them which restricted her to accept his proposal. She said there was a stain upon her birth though she herself did not know the truth and was innocent to what was responsible for that stain. Then after, she held forth her hand to Harry in order to shake hand but Harry caught her hand and held it very close to himself. He kissed her beautiful forehead and then left the room.

Critical Analysis

      It is very unfortunate for Oliver that the inmates of the house fail to catch hold of Fagin and Monks. If they were captured then Oliver would not face any danger in future.

      It seems a mystery when we see the traces of tears on Rose's face but its reason is not clearly explained.

      Harry's love for Rose seems very ardent and genuine. Few critics find it ridiculous that Rose rejects the love of Harry for any stigma attached to her birth though she herself does not know that.

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