Oliver Twist: Chapter 34 - Summary & Analysis

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Contains some Introductory Particulars Relative to Young Gentleman who Now Arrives upon the Scene; and a New Adventure which Happened to Oliver.


Harry, Mrs. Maylie's Son, Visited his Mother

      Everybody became very happy to see Rose recovering from her illness. Mrs. Maylie, Oliver, Dr. Losberne felt ease and joy to see Rose's condition improving. A young man suddenly arrived at the village where Mrs. Maylie was residing with Oliver and Rose. He was Mrs. Maylie's son Harry who came to visit his mother. Both Mrs. Maylie and Harry felt excessive delight to see each other. Harry became disturbed to learn that Rose had fallen greatly ill but also felt relieved that now she was all right

Harry's Proposal to Marry Rose and Mrs. Maylie’s opinion About it.

      Harry told Mrs. Maylie that he was in love with Rose and now had resolved to marry her. Mrs. May lie and told him to think again and take any decision after a good deal of consideration. Harry firmly said that there was no place for any more thought. He loved Rose so much that he found no hope in life beyond her. If his mother had gone against his decision she would rob all his mental peace and happiness. Harry hies his best to convince Mrs. Maylie that his love for Rose was genuine and he had determined to marry Rose. Mrs. Maylie, then reminded Harry about the suspicious circumstances of Rose's birth and what kind of unpleasant inferences could be drawn from those incident. She continued to say that when Rose come to know about the conditions under which she had taken birth, she would perhaps not agree to marry him and embarrass Mrs. Maylie and Harry. Harry could not completely make out what his mother said. He asked her to explain but Mrs. Maylie said him to discover the meaning with his own mind.

Giles, Rewarded by Mrs. Maylie

      Dr. Losberne, one day, informed the servant named Giles that his mistress Mrs. Maylie was highly pleased with his services to the family and after realizing his worth and merit, she had deposited twenty-five pounds in a local saving bank for him. Giles felt greatly pleased to learn it.

Oliver, Seen by the Thieves

      Harry had been taking long morning walks in the countryside and he always took Oliver by his side. He had developed friendship with Oliver and talked to him without any reservations. Meanwhile Rose was recovering rapidly from her illness. One day when Oliver was sitting close to the window of cottage, suddenly he saw the sight of old Jew Fagin standing at the window and very close in front of him. Fagin was so close that he could touch Oliver. There was that stranger with the Jew who had threatened Oliver when he was going to the inn "The George". Instantly both men disappeared but they had recognized Oliver and vice versa. After their departure, Oliver felt paralyzed and stunned. He leaped from the window outside into the garden and cried loudly for help.

Critical Analysis

      Harry Maylie's appearance suggests the beginning of a romantic sub-plot. The love plot does not contribute a lot to the development of mam plot.

      This chapter introduces another mystery. Only Oliver's parentage is not known but Rose also is deprived of the knowledge of her parentage.

      Even in the Victorian era, it was not easy to consider a novel that lacked romance. Thus in order to gratify the expectations of the readers the romantic element is introduced by the novelist.

      It seems that Fagin is endowed with much supernatural power to seek Oliver out. He looks determined to make Oliver the member of his criminal gang. Monks identity is not clearly explained but through hints we easily ascertain his identity.

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