Oliver Twist: Chapter 36 - Summary & Analysis

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Is a very short one, and may appear of no great Importance in its place. But it should be read, notwithstanding, as a Sequel to the last, a Key to one that will follow when its Time arrives.


Dr. Losberne and Harry's Departure from the Country

      One day when Dr. Losberne was about to leave, Harry told him that he also was departing and that they could travel together. Dr. Losberne was to go to his house in the adjacent town but Harry was to go to London. Dr. Losberne got surprised to know that Harry was also leaving Harry had not bidden goodbye to his mother Maylie or to Rose and he said to Dr. Losberne that it was not necessary for him also to do so. Thus they got ready to leave. Harry spoke to Oliver privately all made him to promise that he would write to him regularly and information about Rose and Mrs. Maylie whom he was leaving behind. But he instructed Oliver not to tell the ladies that he was going to write letter to Harry.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter is not of a great importance. It deals with only one incident of Harry Maylie and Dr. Losberne’s departure from the country.

      Harry seems unhappy when he leaves for London because he does not bade good-bye to either Mrs. Maylie or Rose but his care for the ladies comes out when he tells Oliver to promise him to write regularly letters to him and inform him about Rose and Mrs. Maylie.

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