Describe the authors experience at The Bazaar in Araby.

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      In the short story the author fixed next Saturday for his visit to Araby. He is spent restless days during the intervention period. He was much excited and could not settle down to any work. He neglected his school work. the teacher took notice of it and the image of the girl haunted him in his classroom and the bedroom. The world Araby cast a spear on him. But his experience inside Araby was not at all good. On the appointed day in the morning he reminds his uncle of his intended visit.


      After coming from school, the boy rushed through the street to check the train and reached of the destination, almost a ten. He entered the Bazaar by handling a shilling to a weary looking man. Almost all the the stalls were closed, the hall was party dark and there was dull silence all over. At the centre of the Bazaar a few people were gathered at the stall which were still open. Before cafe two men were gossiping and nobody cared for the boy they wear counting money and he could hear the sound of the coin.

      In this dull and dark atmosphere of the bazaar he had almost forgotten the purpose of his visit. He found a young lady talking and laughing with the gentleman at a stall and talking with him in a very mechanical tone and voice. The boy worried down the middle of the bazaar, two pennies felt from his pocket on the floor. Soon the light went eat and the entire hall was dark. The boy felt hims at it completely disillusioned and reality give him the the bitterest experience of life.

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