Write a Brief Note on Poetic Tragedy

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      Poetic drama of modern time possess certain characteristic in its spirit, theme and technique. In the first place, it is essentially romantic in spirit, which is modified in the predominance imagination trying to create something valuable from the plot.

      In the second place, the basic theme of poetic tragedy is generally idealistic and symbolic. In structure and technique poetic tragedy use their language in a melodious way, presenting the various matters of human life of human hopes dreams ideals vision struggle and suffering.

      The modern theatre shows a good deal of the rise of poetic drama and in this respect, the play of W.B Yeats and T.S Eliot need to be mentioned first. Specially T.S Eliot has contributed a lot in this genre T.S Eliot wrote such plays as "The Murder in the Cathedral" "The Family Reunion" "The Cocktail Party" Yeats wrote "The Land of Hearts Desire" and "The Hour Glass" etc. along with them other poetic tragedies are "John drink Water" "Masefield" etc.

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