Write a note on the Italian or Petrarchan Sonnet.

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      The Petrarchan Sonnet or Italian Sonnet is the classical form of Sonnet writing invented in Italy and perfected by Italian master Petrarch. The typical Petrarchan Sonnet comprise of fourteen line it has two unequal parts of eight and six lines. The first eight line is known as the Octave and the remaining six line is called Sestet. This Octave and Sestet along with the arrangement in rhythm scheme constitute the chief element in Sonnet writing.

Francesco Petrarca
Francesco Petrarca

      The general theme of the conventional Sonnet is generally love - it's passion and pain longing and frustration. Love is here idealised and the lady is almost adored and uplifted to the level of a define creature of flesh and blood. In a typical Petrarchan Sonnet various artistic paradoxes 'shivering in midnight summer' etc. have been used. Generally the adored lady in a Petrarchan Sonnet appears as an extremely cruel merciless human being who never approves the love of her lover and the poet-lover always tries to win flavour of his lady through compositions in verse. Traditionally the Petrarchan Sonnet has the rhyme scheme -
Octave - a b b a, a b b a
Sestet - c d, c d, c d.

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