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     In the history of tragedy the rise of modern social tragedy proves extremely significant. The name of Ibsen stance out prominently in the history of this tragedy. Modern social tragedy always deals with some sort of complex critical problems - social anomalies and contradictions. It depicts the clash between individual passions and inclinations and social rigid conventions. In a social tragedy the individual is always treated against the mighty force of society, he suffers and perishes.

Modern social tragedy
Modern Social Tragedy

     The protagonist in a social tragedy is the helpless victim of tragic impact of different social force. These plays present, the acute suffering to which individuals are subjected under certain hard and rigid social rules and principles. Modern social tragedies is concerned with some realistic problems of present life which doesn't present any great life or glorious fall. Naturally this type of tragedy has no Othello no Macbeth no Caeser rather it has presented a galaxy of common human beings. Inspired by Ibsen there are found many problem plays in British theatres such as Galsworthy's Justice, Strife etc. Shaw's Pygmalion, Arms and The Man, The Doctor's Dilemma etc.

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