Metaphysical Features of To His Coy Mistress

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      Andrew Marvell's To His Coy Mistress is a typical metaphysical love poem. The originality of the Metaphysical theme and the metaphysical technique deserve a special attention from the readers. Marvell is one of the exquisite poets in metaphysical verses for his wit, interesting argumentative skill, suggestive way of writing and marvelously usage of metaphysical conceits. His most eminent poem "To His Coy Mistress" which illuminate some of the most ascertained trails of metaphysical way of writing in this piece of literary art.

     In the first place the poem beards out the typical precision of metaphysical poetry. The thought of the poem is very deep and serious but while compressed within a confined range. With the blend of these characteristics a fine piece of metaphysical literary art came to audience.

     Secondly, the poem is replete with some extraordinary metaphysical conceits. From instance such expressions as vegetable love, time winged chariot, desert of vast eternity, have been given the status of some of the most marvelous metaphysical conceits. These imageries are considered highly adorable in the realm of metaphysics.

     Thirdly, the intellectual aspect of metaphysical poetry is fully revealed in the poem. Marvell's wit is diverting and deep which has enriched the poem with the rare gift of intellectual reflectiveness. For instance there is found one of the most witty and well thought out expression, when the poet mentions that after the death of his beloved worms shell it all the fleshes of her body, this imagery is very witty, at the same time grotesque.

     Finally, in the entire poem Marvell's use of some of the most extraordinary metaphysical imageries deserve our attention, to highlight the fact that he has no time. Marvell has used the image of Desert of Vast Eternity, Time Winged Chariot etc. At the same time the imageries such as vegetable love, iron gates of life, amorous bird of prey, become some highly successful metaphysical imageries.

      Thus conclude with last words saying that brilliantly use of wit and intellect in the piece of metaphysical poetry "To His Coy Mistress" is definitely catch the attention of intellectual classes. The literary art of startling conceits and allusions, originality of thought, perfect blend of emotional intensity along with ironic wit ascertain the poem a metaphysical petition.

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