Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 53 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary. Lydia and her husband leave and Mrs. Bennet is dejected for several days. She cheers up, however, on hearing that Mr. Bingley is coming down to Netherfield within a day or so. The third morning after Mr. Bingley’s arrival he, accompanied by Darcy, calls on the Bennets. Darcy speaks little and Elizabeth finds him looking at Jane as much as at herself, she is disappointed. Mrs. Bennet talks as foolishly and effusively as usual and Elizabeth feels humiliated. Bingley is paying attention to Jane, whom he finds as handsome and pleasing as ever, though perhaps not so chatty.

      Critical Analysis. The plot begins to head towards a resolution from this chapter. Elizabeth feels that Darcy’s arrival at Longbourn is a signal of his affection for her. However, Darcy seems less inclined to please than before and is silent. His state of mind is thus, concealed.

      Bingley-Jane affair seems to be progressing quite satisfactorily and it may be assumed that Darcy has influenced Bingley to return to Netherfield.

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