Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 52 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary: Mrs. Gardiner writes to Jane and tells her that Darcy searched for Lydia and Wickham and succeeded in finding them. He learned that Wickham had no intention of marrying Lydia but still cherished to hope of marrying an heiress in some other county. He was, however, open to a financial offer. Mr. Darcy went to see Mr. Gardiner and, with difficulty, persuaded the latter to take the credit for having paid Wickham off, which actually Darcy himself had done. Elizabeth hardly dares hope that Darcy has done all this because he still loves her. Wickham tries to find out if Elizabeth knows that his story of Darcy’s injustice to him in untrue, but she evades a full answer, merely contenting herself with a number, of sarcastic remarks. However, the conversation appears to satisfy Wickham.

      Critical Analysis: The chapter reveals Darcy’s noble character and his great love for Elizabeth. For her sake, he has been ready to negotiate with Wickham, a person he detests. His nobility is revealed when he makes a settlement on Wickham and yet persuades Mr. Gardiner to take credit for it.

      Elizabeth is overwhelmed by this gesture of Darcy and is hopeful that this is a sign of his love for her.

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